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Our Work

The Kent and Medway Young Musicians Trust is passionate about helping the next generation of musicians progress on their musical journey. Awarding grants to promising young musicians of limited means. The financial awards may be used towards tuition fees, instruments, courses and music.

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Our Aims and Objectives

The Objective of the Trust is to advance the education of young people in music by:

1. Providing financial support for young individuals engaged in musical activity organised in Kent and Medway

2. Providing financial support to supplement funding for youth musical group activity organised in Kent and Medway

3. Promoting the cause of youth musical activity


The Activities in Furtherance of the Objective:

1. To Raise Funds by:

  • seeking grants and donations from individuals, corporate donors, charities and grant-making bodies 

  • supporting the organising of fund-raising concerts or other events


2. To Disburse Funds by making grants to young individuals of 25 years of age (or less) who are:

  • Through financial disadvantage likely to be denied access to appropriate musical activity and are: 

  • Eligible by being a resident in Kent or Medway and receiving school education in Kent or Medway 

  • Participating in musical activity individually or in a music group

  • Able to show evidence of promise, motivation, and sustained progress


3. To Promote the cause of youth musical activity by:

  • The advocacy of spoken or written words

  • The provision of opportunities for musical performance by young people

Our History

The instigator of KaMYMT was Michael Wearne who saw the possibility of using money available from the disbanded Kent Youth Music Association to form a charity with a wider brief to support talented and dedicated young musicians across the county, not just those who played in existing county music groups. The Trust was set up so that it might attract additional funds from grant-giving charities and from the commercial sector. KaMYMT recognized from its inception that young musicians needed help to fund lessons, hire instruments and to support their music educative process where necessary. Central to the grant being approved was the expectation that the student would normally be involved in school and local music making. 

This has been achieved continuously for the past 20 years with some 200 students having  been helped. For a relatively small charity this has been a praiseworthy and successful achievement. Over the next years it is hoped that by expanding its role KaMYMT will be able to assist many more music students.

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