Data Protection Notice for Kent and Medway Young Musicians Trust Website


On this website we collect personal data from grant applicants, donors and Friends of the trust. 


The purpose of gathering and retaining information is to enable KAMYMT to fulfil the requirements of its constitution in promoting and funding its work. We will ensure that your personal details are held confidentially and securely. Information is given below about how we manage your data. 

• The information you give us as a donor, Friend or grant applicant will be stored for no longer than 5 years, to enable us to contact you in the future. This length of time will be maintained unless you request otherwise.

• In the case of grants, two Trustees will be required to approve each application but the names of the applicant and/or student are redacted. Up to three officers of the Trust know the applicants’ names and will not be involved in the decision making process.

• We may request information about the Grant-holders’ musical development in order to promote the work of the Trust, asking for written permission to share details of personal success or the benefits of courses and workshops attended with the help of its bursary scheme.  

• If a grant is made, the Trust may wish to contact you to ask if you would be willing to take part in a concert or recital in order to promote its aims and objectives and to aid the Trust’s publicity.  

Donors, Award-holders and Friends may be contacted by email, phone or mail. Please let us know by emailing if you prefer not to be contacted by any or all of these methods. 

If you are not in agreement with the above, you must advise the Trust. For grant applications, if you do not wish the Trust to contact you aside from the award process, this will not be detrimental to the receiving of a grant.

By completing the grant application, Friend’s application, or donation form online, you are confirming that you have read and agree to this data protection information.