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Vocal Award

In partnership with The KaMYM Trust

Passaggio Vocal Award.png

This year, for the first time, the KaMYM Trust extends an invitation to singers aged 18-25, to be chosen to participate in a masterclass culminating with the Passaggio Vocal Award. 


A vocal masterclass is similar to a voice lesson, with the added element of performance.  Singers perform one or more well-rehearsed songs with the instruction of a master teacher, in front of an audience that includes other singers.  Whether as a performer or an observer, it's a marvellous opportunity for advanced singers to learn from a professional!   

2024 Passaggio Vocal Award

Saturday 25 May 2024


Glassbox Theatre

Medway Rd



Audience tickets: £10 (under 12s free)

Application deadline: 30 March 2024

Please see below for further information and eligibility to apply.

'Master': Rachael Lloyd

Accompanist: Mark Bromley

Prize money: up to £200

Information for Singers


  • Prize money up to £200.

  • Winner to perform at next year’s masterclass.


  • Professional “Master”

  • Anna Nicolaus (Patron)

  • KaMYM Trust Chair (or designee)

Eligibility for applications

  • Application deadline: 30 March 2024

  • Singers must be aged 18 – 25 (as of the date of the masterclass).

  • Have a home address in Kent or Medway.

  • Entry fee of £8 to be paid at the time of the entry application.

  • Applications are accepted through our online application form only.

Information for competitors

  • Open to all genres of music.

  • Two contrasting songs to be performed from memory. The combined time of the songs may not to exceed 7 minutes. (Time may not allow for the performance of both songs).

  • Songs may be accompanied, self-accompanied, or a cappella.  No backing tracks - acoustic performance only: no microphones, electric instruments, amplifiers, or other technical equipment. An accompanist will be provided but competitors are also welcome to bring their own. Singers choosing to work with the provided accompanist may rehearse with him in their own time and at their own expense.

  • Notice to chosen competitors: April 15, 2024.

  • Singers chosen to compete must provide one copy of the sheet music at least two weeks before the masterclass.

  • Deadline for sheet music: May 1, 2024.

Other things to note

  • Five competitors will be chosen to work with the 'master'. In addition, two standbys will be chosen (in case of cancellation by a competitor).

  • Applicants not chosen to compete are encouraged to attend and will be granted free entry as observers.

Rachael Lloyd


The KaMYM Trust are delighted to welcome Rachael Lloyd as this year's 'Master'. 


Mark Bromley


The KaMYM Trust are delighted to welcome Mark Bromley as this year's accompanist. 

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