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Vocal Award

In partnership with The KaMYM Trust

Masterclass Timeline

March 30, 2024 - Application deadline

April 15, 2024 – Applicants notified of acceptance status

May 1, 2025 – Sheet music provided to KaMYM Trust (competitors and stand-bys only)

May 24, 2025 - Masterclass

As a reminder before you apply:

Please read all the information on this page.

Application fee: £8

Five competitors and two standbys will be chosen.

There will be no refunds for withdrawal or for unsuccessful applicants.

Applicants not chosen to compete are encouraged to attend and will be granted free entry as observers.


Singers chosen to perform will be required to show proof of age

Song One

Select an option

Song Two

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Please upload a written reference  from a singing teacher, conductor, etc.

Upload File

Please upload an audio recording (not video).

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