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Trustee - 
Anna Nicolaus Evans

Originally with Kent Music and now on a private basis, Anna is a semi-retired teacher of vocal technique and performance coaching. A native of San Francisco, California, she has been living and working in Kent since 2001. On the performing side of things, her past operatic roles include Desdemona (Othello), Leonora (Il Trovatore), Michaela (Carmen), and Beauty (Beauty and the Beast by Stephen Oliver), amongst others. Of her numerous musical theatre roles, her favourite was The Witch (into the Woods). She was a member of Cameo Opera and the soprano soloist/ section leader with the choir of Methodist Central Hall (Westminster), and is a founding member of the Hartlip Singers. Still active as a performer, she is now embracing the mezzo-soprano repertoire. To support her performance activities, over the years Anna's varied professional career has encompassed work as a member of the National Association of Professional Organisers, working with venture capital firms and their start-up companies in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area; as a private administrator to affluent individuals; in various capacities of arts administration, including development and special events; and as a restaurant manager. When she was a teenager, singing lessons gave purpose and direction to Anna's life. She is dedicated to using her diverse skills and experience to help give that opportunity to other young musicians.

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